About Us
Wuxi Partner Technology Co., Ltd. Is a integrated industrial and trade enterprise founded on the basis of NEDA Drying Equipment Co.,Website:http://www.partner-hitech.com, Ltd. who has specialized in the development, design and manufacture of drying equipment for 10 years. Technological progress and continuous innovation are power of the advancement of an enterprise, by following that theory, our company keeps learning and absorbing the latest advanced technology home and abroad, and because of which, it has successfully offered factories in various industrial fields with ingenious drying solutions. Up to this day, our equipment has been widely used in industries of pharmacy, foodstuff, chemical, ceramic, metallurgy, feedstuff, biology and agricultural products processing, waste heat recovery system and so on. It can achieve the purposes of drying, granulating and mixing according to different technological requirements. Relying on the strong technique power, leading drying technology, good quality products and excellent after-sales service, we have gained trust and support from from each of our customers. With the concept that science arises innovation, quality makes profession, we will offer each customer with considerate service and will strive to give each client best industrial solutions. Separately from our domestic business of NEDA, Partner is founded with the purpose to serve our overseas customers better. It is equipped with independent engineers and service team to provide our overseas customer with more professional and dedicated service. Drying equipment is Partner?s basis, but our aim is to offer world-wide clients with various machinery solutions. Choose Partner, choose reliability. Partner surely will be your trust-worthy and professional cooperator and consultant on the industrial solutions.
Products and services
spray dryer, centrifugal spray dryer, pressure spray dryer, liquid powder drying equipment, flash dryer, rotary and steam spray dryer, centrifugal spray granulating dryer, rotating and flash steaming dryer, enclosed circulatory spray dryer